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Patch inductance One of the main products.

Sunlord's products focus on magnetic devices,microwave devices,sensitive devices,which are widely used in communications,consumer electronics,computers,automotive electronics,new energy,network equipments,industry electronics,and other fields.

SMD resistor One of the main products.

Founded in 1989 to manufacture chip resistors, TA-I is now one of the world's largest chip resistor suppliers.

Solder paste hot-sale products

Tongfang Electronic,Founded in 1997, after more than 20 years of development, it has become a well-known group company for R & D and manufacturing of electronic materials in the industry

Luminous tube LED

LED lighting, LED backlight, display, mobile, automotive, consumer electronics, etc.

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Products Range

Solder paste
Luminous tube LED
SMD resistor
Patch inductance

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